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The Work Station by Grimful-Recitals The Work Station :icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 1 3
The Elevator of Life (Poem)
Why is it that it ends so quickly,
Our ashes scattered to the wind.
Our conscience shall drift away,
And the ticking timer halts.
Further and further the spirits glide,
From the elevator of life, where is there to hide?
Why is it that the destinations are always hidden,
Always wondering whether we go up or down.
Shining dawns, full with sunlight,
Or a blazing pit of fire- judgment.
Further and further the spirits glide,
From the elevator of life, where is there to hide?
Why is is that we all let go,
One day, one time, one moment.
Our grasps on the few strand that are life,
Finally let go from it's constant strain.
Further and further the spirits glide,
From the elevator of life, where is there to hide?
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 1 6
Deadened Trees by Grimful-Recitals Deadened Trees :icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 4 0
The Streets- Chapter 14: 'Good Luck'
'Come in,' a booming voice issued through the door.
James had led me through the maze of corridors again and to a yellow-lit elevator, lined with mirrors. I had shifted uncomfortably amongst the other suited men and women that were gathering amongst me, yet they had all left for their stop quickly. Soon, it was only me and James in the elevator, and it carried on moving steadily upwards. Up and up we went, my waited meeting with the fated 'Boss' drawing ever near.
Getting off the elevator, I was greeted by a hallway, that was much more posh than that of the ground floor. Ornate wooden furniture was propped against the walls and a beautiful chandelier hung from the ceiling. Along with the chandelier, golden candles were sat at regular intervals. Windows were either side, and as I gazed into them, nausea had swept in fast. We were situated far in the sky and the people below seemed like tiny 'Lego' figurines.
James looked over at meI 'Come on Charlie! No time to ponder over these views n
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 1 0
The footprints in the snow,
Are the only things that show,
That we all were here, whether high or low.
The good times, the bad times,
When we said we were just fine,
Yet now, these footprints are mine.
Yet these snowflakes they fall,
And the birds they still call,
But the darkness continues to crawl.
But these times will soon stop,
And so will a lot,
As the summer comes along, cold and then hot.
The footprints in the snow,
Are the only things that show,
That we all were here, whether high or low.
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 1 1
The Streets- Chapter 13: Plucked Strings
A reassuring buzz came from the guitar as I plugged it into one of the any amplifiers and I tested the strings: perfect... I glanced around the room. At the three other people; James, who gave me a friendly thumbs-up, and two technicians. They were all waiting expectantly for what was in store for them. Taking a deep breath, I held my fingers to the guitar neck, readied my voice, and began to play.
As I finished my second song, James burst into my half of the soundproof room and patted me firmly on the back. 'That's my boy!'
I grinned sheepishly, still clutching my beloved guitar in my calloused hands. The thick door was still open and I noticed the technicians applauding admiringly. I bowed jokingly, attempting to hide my obvious smile. Both technicians walked in, and one shook my hand vigorously.
'Alright! Hello Mr. White! My name is Michael and as you can probably tell, I am one of the technicians here at Black Raven Records! And this is my partner in all-things-technical, Liam.'
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 1 1
The Streets- Chapter 12: Dream
'So Charlie! Here we are! It's Black Raven Records!'
I was stood beside James on the cracked street side looking over at a large 5-storey Brock building. Glimmering black cars were parked outside, and men in suits rushed in and out, rushing as if time itself was running out. I looked over at James, shocked.
'James, I thought we were just going to record some tracks at the studio to see if I was any good?'
He looked confused. 'Yeah and that's what we're doing. The studio is built into the actual records company... We just have to go through the main building to get there.'
'Wait, do you expect the people who work here to be very approving of a homeless man walking straight into a profession records company's headquarters?' I was optimistic- very.
'That's where you are wrong good sir! You aren't homeless! You live with me don't you!' He gave me a signature wink and led me forward towards the electric doors of this posh, expensive-looking building.
My expectations of the interior didn't d
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 2 1
The Cogs Shall Stop
Corruption encases this system,
Poison infects this society.
The surface gleams a brilliant gold, pristine,
Yet underneath a plague crawls along.
This modern system is a clock,
A beautiful decor, but it is the cogs who really work.
Yet in this world, the cogs are far too many,
And a mask of false beauty covers the sickening truth.
It only seems like a matter of time before it all collapses,
And as this system crumbles, the rest of society will fall,
Blissfully unaware to their demise.
Although we can halt this disease,
Stop it from spreading over the cogs of our modern-day world,
These cogs- the real workers need to take a stand,
Defy the system that we now know to be normal.
For the inner workings certainly won't always 'work',
Because someday, the right thing to do is to fight.
So pick up your pride and save this dying world!
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 6 4
The Streets- Chapter 11: Luxury
*Present time*
James' apartment was huge; the largest I had ever seen, not that I had ever slept in one. I was fairly taken aback by this expensive living quarters, due to his laid-back, casual looks. He seemed to notice what I was thinking and explained.
'I wouldn't say I was poor- I have quite a lot of money actually, but I don't want to show off. I don't want to look like that abusive businessman!' He chuckled.
A dark wooden floor stretched across the ground, and multiple furniture items were carefully laid out. Posh-looking tables, chairs, cupboards. I only now began to notice the difference between me and my new friend James. A huge difference. James has money, whereas I have nothing... Two different sides of this society mixing as friends and equals. This made me happy; extremely happy. I was led around the 7 or so different rooms until I reached one bedroom with a king-sized bed perched luxuriously by the wall. Heavenly white sheets stretched across its entirety, and soft, plump
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 2 3
The Streets- Chapter 10: Homeless
London was a huge place, to say the least, and, as the 16 year old boy I was, I cannot say that I wasn't overwhelmed. I had exited my train at Kings Cross Station and was greeted by towering stone walls and a crowd of bustling people, all rushing carelessly past me. I just hoped that my escape would last... London was a far enough place from the care home that almost no one here would recognise me, but if the authorities caught on...
Although soon, I had realised London wasn't good all around... On almost every street side, I was greeted by an insane-looking homeless man or woman, stretching out their worm hands, hoping for a small handful of change at the most... It was these people whom I had always been taught to steer clear of. Just drugs, violence and alcohol. Or so I was taught by the unforgiving society. Automatically I would quicken my pace as I walked past them unfortunate souls, hoping I would not be asked for money. They had a way
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 3 2
The Streets- Chapter 9: 'Care'
After my parents had fallen into the tight grasps of death himself, I was left to fend for myself. I had been living with them both in a small 2 floored house in a crammed city by the coast. On the fatal day when I discovered the cold body of my mother, instinct had swiftly kicked in and I took little time to call an ambulance. It took what seemed like years to arrive in a flurry of flashing blue lights, and during the wait I had stared at her lifeless body. Had I not been enough for her. Was it my fault? Beneath the mournful grief, a quiet rage was starting to slowly form. For my mother. My father. Everyone who had left me all alone In this life. Although these emotions were swiftly overpowered by the sadness I had inside. My loving mother, my caring father. Gone...
This opened a new wave of challenges upon me, seemingly changing the road of my life to a rocky slope. It just seemed to be going downhill now. Further and further down... The authorities had found me kneeling
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 1 1
The Streets- Chapter 8: A Friend
"Oh, Charlie! I've got a surprise for you! Do you know your guitar that you left behind when you went on your journey to the jail?"
He gestured into the car window, where an ebony guitar sat, wrapped inside its worn case. I had thought it was a lost hope... The only thing I had treasured, has been labeled as 'gone' so quickly. I hadn't even made the slightest attempt to regain it... Though this incident seemed to 'mean' to happen. This incident was a lesson- never lose hope in what is most close
'Th-thanks,' I stuttered, beyond happiness. 'Y-you didn't need to go to all this effort,' I lied...
'Trust me, I did. I've heard your music Charlie. You're one to watch!' He winked.
I climbed in the passenger seat to his large Land-Rover and he began to drive away. Away from the police station. Away from this society...
After driving for around 10 minutes, I finally realised that I hadn't the slightest idea of where we were heading. I broke the peaceful silence and asked James, who was sat besi
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 0 4
The Streets- Chapter 7: Saviour
My cell was far from appealing... The walls were bare and grey and the traditional-style bars were erected by the reinforced metal doorway. A single, metal frame bed was propped in the corner, and seemed to look more like a torture machine, with its stuck-out screws and sharp edges. As I was led in, I had sat on the uncomfortable bed, and pondered in my own thoughts. How had society become so corrupted that even the law enforcement would become judgmental of the homeless, to a point where whatever they say is a point-blank lie? It seemed as if everyone had turned against him, along with life itself, it seemed. I still hadn't thought up a way to pay the legal fees yet; best to wait for the storm to roll over first. But deep down, I know that this isn't the storm. This is the calm before the storm... What's to come, by these standards, will be far, far worse...
My stomach was growling hungrily, seemingly eating itself away, but when the slop of a meal was crammed through the much-too-sma
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 0 4
The Streets- Chapter 6: A Wicked World
I trip on the torn up flooring in the run-down station, as I am led along a crammed corridor. Suddenly, a sickening thought struck me in my gut... My guitar! The policemen certainly hadn't put it inside their car as I was taken away, so what on earth had happened to it? My stomach churns as I go over the tragic consequences...
A sickly yellow door is opened for me and I, along with the suited businessman, whom I had began to call Brute, from his sheer brutish looks and actions, and the homeless, old man, who's name was Bill, entered a small office-type room. A man sat at the desk, one leg crossed over the other, casual. His hair was shining black, and simply immaculate. He sat up straighter in his chair as we all entered, and the escorting officer started talking to him out of earshot, often shooting distasteful looks in our direction. As their conversation came to an end, the man lazily turned his chair to face us.
'So,' he said in a clearly bored voice. 'Which one of you caused the d
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 3 5
The Streets- Chapter 5: Aid
The brilliant news of the new opportunity at hand forced me into a silent daydream. I was so absorbed in a whirlwind of my own thoughts that I barely noticed the thud against the glazed café window. It was James who first alerted me as his head jolted to the direction of the sound. I followed his gaze and was shocked at what I could see from the window. So shocked in fact, that I jumped up from my chair, spilling coffee over the table and made a start to the door. Outside, a black, homeless man was crouched on the floor in a foetal position as a tall man in a posh black suit and tie towered over him. A mark could clearly be seen on the normally-sparkling clean window, from where the man's head had been slammed against it. James grabbed my arm.
'Charlie, don't do this,' he said with a serious gaze at me. 'Think about how it will end.'
I thought about what he said, yet my decision could not be stirred. I was intent on helping the abused man. Walking into the café I had took no
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 0 2
The Streets- Chapter 4: Opportunities Arising
A crowd was beginning to gather around me as I played, beside an open collection tin and dozens of business men and women rushing along to wherever they need to be so badly. I am pouring my heart into the melodies, singing along with my playing. Gradually, I began to hear the distinct 'clink' as some loose change was dropped into the tin and occasionally I began to give my words of thanks to the generous donators. Amongst the small crowd watching me, one man stuck out amidst them. He seemed to watch me intently, taking notice not only of the guitar playing, but my singing, which had seemed to improve bit-by-bit over all these years. He was wearing a red checkered shirt and had a pair of casual denim jeans. He didn't look like a rich man, like a lot of the other citizens of London- he seemed like a middle-class man, yet behind his intently-watching eyes, a vast expanse of knowledge could be foreseen. His unshaven face featured an impressive short boxed beard and a mop of jet black hair,
:icongrimful-recitals:Grimful-Recitals 1 5


Forgotten Stones
Forgotten stones
Just a throw away from broken homes
My friend asks me if we will always be alone
Bone chilling to have that feeling that you're froze
Glued to another's idea of chromosomes
Believe in what is said instead of what you behold
Never leave your bed 'cause you might grow old
The years will make you wise, the meds will hear your cries
I hear love can heal, but I'm broke inside
Losing thoughts, chasing pavements
Inside all day, afraid to face it
Is this ok? Or am I complacent
The race will hide the fact I'm caged in
Never to exist outside my mind
Never with my fists, I've fought with time
:iconxinxinix:Xinxinix 1 2
White Walker by imQrious White Walker :iconimqrious:imQrious 1 2 white dove by erool white dove :iconerool:erool 15 12 I will fly far away by MissMieuGame I will fly far away :iconmissmieugame:MissMieuGame 8 26 Landscape-y stuff by ZimmyRose Landscape-y stuff :iconzimmyrose:ZimmyRose 30 11 Castle 1 by ZimmyRose Castle 1 :iconzimmyrose:ZimmyRose 8 2
A Sword With Two Sides
Do you know how it feels?
Puking your guts up all night
Because the thought of trusting someone
Literally makes you sick?
My heart could cave in
Beneath the pressure of caring
And my lungs could collapse
Filled with the toxin of attraction.
My mind is full of you
And no bleach exists to erase
Your face burned into my brain
Like ashes and sulphur.
The taste of you in my mouth
Is vanilla and smoke
Your skin on mine
Is velvet and sandpaper.
Adoration is freedom and chains
Submission and control
Love is a sword with two sides
But both pierce my soul with vigour.
:iconnostrovelle:Nostrovelle 2 1
The Adventures of Commander Kallisto Chapter 18
Commander Kallisto looked at the map of the Badlands with eyes full of tactical fervor as Seleukos presented the current situation. “So the Basket have already taken four Goblin worlds?”
“Yes Commander.” Seleukos  stated shyly. “It appears that the Basket have taken advantage of the Goblin Queen’s overthrow.
“Damn…” Kallisto rolled her fingers on the meeting table.
To Kallisto’s side Lieutenant Eudokia face grew into a wide smile. “But that’s perfect, we wanted to take them on next, and they are coming at us. More starships to blast.”
Diodotus rolled his eyes. “Blasting starships isn’t exactly why we came to the Badlands Eudokia…”
Eudokia shrugged rubbing her dark feathery hair back and giving Diodotus a miscuvous look. “Well some of us apparently came here to run around naked with Artemisia while battle is going on.”
Diodotus blushed as he thought of an appropriate re
:iconmirandapanda84:Mirandapanda84 3 7
The Belt
I asked him once to just
Hit me because I thought
The physical pain would
Be so much easier than
Wanting to die everyday.
So he did.
And again.
And again.
I wanted to forget,
But the mere act of moving was
A reminder of the oceans
Of blue between my hips.
I was marked.
I was his.
The lashing of leather brings me
back to the belt,
And I flinched as he showed me
The way that he loved.
All the while, as salt mixed
With water and rushed silently
Down my cheeks, did I wonder
Why he had to hurt me to love me.
And to this day, I wonder
The same thing, but now the
Pain comes from different people.
From him. From her. From you. From me.
I'll learn not to beat myself up
Eventually, but only when I stop
Letting others have the privilege.
:iconkiddospoet:KiddosPoet 1 1
One more and it will cease to be.
Extraneous, intangible matter.
Making less sense with every exhale.
And yet with each breath,
I suffer consequences I can barely remember.
Abstract notions left wanton and pale.
In the softly burning sunlight; I am cold.  
Blue irises choking pupils to a pinpoint.
Will I learn,
from this story, if it is never told?
:iconchaseimages:ChaseImages 1 0
Peacewalker 3: Solidus
Peace is pale as death.
Lungs filling - liquid flames - on the surface
they're all burning
                   and buzzing,
                         beautifully alive.
Rivers pulse like native drums through
corridors of flesh;
flooded hallways washed
and without wounds
there's no escape.
I wasn't built to burn under the sun,
nor drown in sorrow
of solitude, but sail
across horizons and their parallels.
Ripples through reflections of the moon;
Illusions kiss
where oceans meet.
My vessel; born to live
and yearn to give
until I'm pale
as peace.
:iconnawsachi:Nawsachi 1 7
good night
the sun will shine again
but tonight please rest your head
let the rain fade away
along with all your worries
I will be right here
even when you wake
I will protect you
no matter who is in the way
so my dear let me help you
I promise not to leave
I will be here for you
just please don't forget
let your dreams fill the sky
of light of the day
not the thunder or lightning
but the sun of our day
    the young petite Asian girl stared closely at the young aussie with a  bowl cut with blonde hair. the light of the night glistening in on the young raven haired girl. as soft as a feather her whispers disappear. thinning into the night leaving only her bright caring amethyst eyes to talk. amethyst glazing into emerald. soon breaking the silence was a noise sounding like a little kitten.
raising an eyebrow all work fell off the bed. almost as if he was trying to welcome the young 20 year old petite raven haired Asian girl to the bed. sighing silk raven hair bouncing and swaying a
:icon34brblbbubobutchbc:34brblbbubobutchbc 3 0
Ascending Heights
If you’re going to live, then live.
Because this is what it’s all about;
Life, that is. It’s about living
The nights will flame with fire
And you will see shadows grow right up
The walls of your cell. And the light
Will burn when it first touches your skin
But then you will ignite
And there’s a chance that
You will burn—yes.
Fire can easily turn into hell
And it can consume you and
Leave you nothing but sulfur lungs
And ashen eyes.
Yet you cannot hide behind billowing haze
And the stormy voices that live  
Inside your head
And you are overcast with shadows
But there is a
And it is coming from
:iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 5 0
The River Children.
The River Children.
July 3rd 1986
Four children go missing from a small rural town in the middle of nowhere.
July 3rd 1988
One child returns to the town twelve miles from where he had gone missing.
Was thirteen years of age when found.
Five years later July 3rd 1993
Child has begun investigating the disappearances of the other three children who had been with him at the time.
Through these he has discovered that they, along with him all went missing at the same time, place and date.
A river that runs through his hometown.
He went out to investigate but was later found missing yet again.
Police investigated the place he had lived but found nothing unusual except for a single piece of paper.
On the paper it read “I hear them. They are calling. I have to go back.”
Two weeks later police finally found him.
He put himself in a mental institution of his own will.
Upon interrogation he revealed that he had gone to the river but all was quiet.
He stated that he then began to hear w
:iconstichielover92:StichieLover92 1 0
Your Spell On Me
Why do I constantly think about you?
You fill me with love and warm feelings
I smile and laugh a little more too
This enchantment feels like I'm dreaming
A spell has been cast upon me
My lonely life isn't as it used to be before
I truly felt so much more free
Never thought you were the one I'd fall for
Every time you speak to me, time flies by fast
You are an absolute delight to talk to my sweet
It always feels like we are having such a blast
My heart always flutter, giving off a happy beat
Is it more clearer now or more hazy?
I wouldn't know, I just know only you
Am I more sane or just plain crazy?
Your spell is what I want to hold on to
I like its wondrous effects on me dear
No matter how dark it gets, you always light the way
A little magic isn't something to fear
Under your spell and love, is where I'd like to stay
:icongin-zura:Gin-Zura 16 9
It was a sunny day. One of those days where you'd just want to sit under a tree outside and enjoy the nice weather with your friends by your side. However, this time it wasn't possible. I had a challenge to complete, and a rather important one if I can say that. I took my place in the arena and looked at my foe.
she was a girl, probably my age or a bit older. We stared at each other before a countdown began.
I...we had trained hard for years. We had fought together, won and lost together. And now, we were here. We were ready.
"One last battle guys...only one..."
"Give me the bring us to victory" I chanted, getting in position.
"Give me the strenght..."
I was ready.
1... win!
In a white flash of light two creature appeared. On the big plasma display a timer with 10 minutes on it started counting down. Under it there were four. gauges, as usual. Two for me, and two for my foe. The bigger one with my portrait and na
:iconzap97:Zap97 2 4



I am aware that I haven't been posting as much as usual but how often do you guys want be to post new literature? Thanks :)



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